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Smarter Email Contact Management Powered by Smart WiFi

When a potential customer walks into your business, you will either want to make a sale or put yourself into a position to convert one the next time around. The best way to make that a reality is by obtaining and leveraging information about those customers through proper email contact management.

Using GoZone WiFi’s smart contact management, you can gather more pertinent information, use it to inform your email marketing campaigns, and convert sales.

What is Email Contact Management?

Email contact management is a process by which a business obtains and manages information about their clients to develop a method for identifying and contacting specific subsets of their consumer population. That way, the business can influence the purchasing behaviors of its customers.

For example, a business that sells sports jerseys could gather information from their customers’ previous purchases and use that data to drum up new sales.

The business could send an email to every customer with a birthday in September and offer them 20% off purchases made on their site.

Targeting those specific customers can lead to an increase in sales and tangential purchases, like sports hats. The challenge is learning how to get actionable data in the first place.

What is Used for Contact Management?

A contact management system helps businesses collect pertinent customer data that may be used for sales, customer relations, and loyalty programs.

The system usually is something as simple as signing up for a loyalty program at a cash register.

The tricky part of contact management is figuring out how to get customers to provide you with as much actionable data as possible, such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Subscription status
  • Gender
  • Mobile number

Depending on the sort of business you’re conducting, you may not have customers willing to part with that information so easily. At least, they won’t do it for nothing in return.

If you have a business venue that offers WiFi, then you can integrate Smart WiFi to make the contact management system simpler and more productive.

After all, customers that any significant time in a university hall, sports bar, grocery store, or dozens of other locations want free WiFi, and they’re willing to give you valuable data in return.

When they sign up to gain access to your WiFi system, customers will gladly provide information for their one-time profile establishment at your business. The right WiFi coupled with a contact management system can help streamline the collection and organization of information.

From there, you’ll have actionable information in your system.

Why Contact Management is Important for Email Marketing

As we’ve already said, a Smart WiFi system integrating a contact management system can be a powerful sales generation tool when coupled with email marketing. Good contact management can be leveraged to create customized, effective, sales-driving emails.

In the past, email marketing campaigns were too broad to gain customer interest and too time-consuming for their architects. The emails could either be mass-produced to reach all the members on the list, or the system manager had to painstakingly sort profiles.

Currently, GoZone WiFi provides its partners with tools that help businesses send emails to customers that have specific profile features while also making it easy to sift through the acquired information.

GoZone WiFi’s contact management helps users:

  • Build email lists
  • Create information-rich profiles
  • Easily sort contacts
  • Export data
  • See a customer’s level of engagement at-a-glance

When using smarter contact management resources, you’ll find that it’s easier to notify customers about promotions and focus on the specific needs of a small subset of customers. That can be all the difference between a missed sale and a converted sale.

Many businesses are well-versed in email marketing, but so few are aware of how to optimize their contact management to be more successful.

If you’re a business owner that feels they could be doing better at integrating contact management, email marketing, and WiFi system, then reach out to GoZone WiFi and get help from experts in the field.

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