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Smart WiFi Makes Hospitality Marketing Easy For Your Bar and Club

Bars, pubs, taprooms, and clubs have customer congregation built into their purpose—they are literally a “watering hole” where folks can get together, enjoy a drink or two (please drink responsibly), and have a good time. But, if all you get from patrons at the end of the day is their bar tab and a stack of dirty glasses, you’re missing out. You should be getting valuable data from your customers, every time they connect to your free WiFI.

Patrons Expect Free WiFi

People check for WiFi almost immediately upon entering a venue. In fact, 84% of patrons reported that having access to free WiFi is extremely important and influences which restaurants they visit. The same is true for bars and clubs. WiFi Marketing allows your venue to capture customer data through a captive portal login on guest WiFi. Customers login using their email or social profile, adding them to your customer list for marketing.

Learn More About How WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Business

Smart WiFi Marketing

Smart WiFi can help you build brand awareness, encourage repeat business, and even move more merchandise. When your customers’ login, they’ll be taken to a customized landing page with your promotions or merchandise available, as well as prompts to engage on social media. You can also send important announcements, special event invites, and VIP promotions directly to this list.

Read more about how to effectively market your bar or club.

Last Call: How to Market Your Bar to Potential Customers

Our Marketing4WiFi Platform

The Marketing4WiFi solution includes an intuitive dashboard with extremely accurate customer data, custom email blasts, and custom promotional deals at your discretion. For bars and clubs, this access automatically gives you a range of opportunities:

  • Offer special deals to your most loyal customers like free drinks or waived cover.
  • Blast details about upcoming events, parties, and live performances.
  • Encourage guests to bring friends and expand your community.
  • Promote the use of rideshare services to ensure your guests get home safely.

American Social Bar+Kitchen

American Social was looking for a simple and secure way to communicate with guests and increase loyalty. Hint: Comment cards didn’t do the trick. In 2016, with a goal to expand marketing efforts and built a loyalty program, they were collecting barely 100 email addresses per month between the two locations. Using our Smart WiFi platform, they have grown their customer database by 10x. our Marketing4WiFi platform,

Download the American Social Bar+KitchenCase Study

In addition to the benefits provided to the customer, our Smart WiFi solution establishes a secure network to prevent attacks on your POS and data. This way, your hospitality marketing efforts will be safe.

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