Smart Restaurant Marketing with Smart Social WiFi

Smart Restaurant Marketing with Smart Social WiFi featured image

Over the past several years, the traditional 9-to-5 work day routine spent in a cubicle has loosened up, making work hours and locations more fluid than ever before. With many freelancers, telecommuters, and independent workers preferring to work away from traditional offices (including home offices), it makes sense that you’ll see more businesses, especially coffee shops and cafes, encouraging visitors to take advantage of their free WiFi. Now, even more bars and casual restaurants, where people want to eat, socialize, and have fun after work, are also offering free WiFi to attract new customers.

Unfortunately, patrons are often warned when they sign in that the network’s not secure, and that they shouldn’t transmit sensitive information or visit websites where they risk exposing their personal information. Smart WiFi can eliminate this concern and turn them into repeat customers. Also, it lets you communicate with your current customers while attracting new ones. They simply log in–no password required–to submit their contact info for contests, discounts, and other offers. You can incorporate session limits to avoid “parking” at tables, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

This is smart restaurant marketing, and nothing could be easier.

Here’s the four-step process:

1) Visitors go to your“smart” WiFi, page, where there’s no need to provide a password. The process is more secure and separate from your POS information.

2) They are prompted to log in, and the screen contains your business logo. You can customize the message to promote your brand.

3) Your guest enters their email address, or social media login, where they’re encouraged to “like” you on Facebook. They can also register for any loyalty programs that you offer.

4) You have access to all saved guest profiles, for sending newsletters, coupons, special offers, and surveys. You can even sync email lists to MailChimp or Constant Contact and utilize automatic emails, saving you time.

Your dashboard gives you insight into factors such as customer demographics, frequency and length of their visits, and your ads’ performance.

With Smart WiFi, you’ll be ahead of the curve. According to this recent article, many businesses lag behind by not offering WiFi at all, never mind Smart WiFi.

If you want to take your restaurant business to the next level, contact us today for more information about GoZone Social WiFi.