How Do Your Customers Use Social Media? Data Can Answer That Question.

We’ve discussed how social media is a crucial tool to growing your B2C business, but you may be wondering where you need to be on social media and how to get the most out of it. An in-depth study performed by Pew Research Center shows that Facebook is king when it comes to social media use by all types of demographics. That’s a sign that Facebook is a good place to start for you social media use; but where do you go from there? What are the different age demographics of your social following? What type of content should you be posting? How do you figure out which social media platforms YOUR customers enjoy using? To answer these types of questions, we look to social data for the answers.

Social Data 101

Social data is the public information that social media users provide when they create and use social profiles. This data usually includes:

  • Personal info on a user’s public profile such as name, DOB, gender, etc.
  • Original and/or aggregated content that is publicly shared on a social users profile.
  • Online purchases, downloads or uploads that users make public on their social profiles
  • The type of social platforms that certain demographics are currently using

Social data is an important marketing tool for businesses because it gives them a way to find out the demographics, interests, and even pain points of their general audience.

Social Media

Reviewing the data on your current social followers is a great tool for improving your social postings. Most of the well-known social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) provide an analytics or insights section for company profiles. These tools offer you social data based on the people that your posts are reaching.

By understanding demographics such as age, gender, location, and even interests from the people who are following you online, you can start crafting social posts that strongly resonate with your social audience.

Example: You learn from Twitter analytics that a top interest of your general audience is “Movies.” Do you like movies too? Great! Start adding famous movies quotes and references to your tweets. This gives you and your audience something to relate and bond over.

Smart Tip: Want even more insightful social data from your audience? Most social platforms provide an advertising component to their platforms that are packed full of public data from your audiences to take your social media strategies to the next level.

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Online Resources

If you’re in the beginning of your social media marketing journey, a good place to start is looking at research others have done using social data. Similar to Pew Research Center’s Fact Sheet on Social Media, there are plenty of reputable organizations that create online articles, ebooks and infographics. These resources can help you see what social media platforms certain demographics are using, how they are using them, and what they are looking for from businesses that are on social media.

Some of these studies are only available for purchase. But if you want to feel confident and comfortable using social media for your business, it’ll be money well spent.

Social WiFi

Do you offer free WiFi to your guests? Are you looking for a tool that will provide social data specifically based on the people that utilize your WiFi? Welcome to the world of Social WiFi.

Social WiFi is a tool that changes the way your guests log into WiFi. Instead of using an outdated method of providing your WiFi password to every guest, social WiFi provides guests the opportunity to access your WiFi network by using a social account during the sign-in process.

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As guests access your WiFi, they’ll be encouraged to Like, Follow or Check in with your business depending on the type of social media sign-in option you offer.

The benefits of using Social WiFi for growing your social media are two-fold:
Gain social data from your WiFi guests on the social platform/s they prefer to use.
Encourage guests to follow your social accounts by offering free WiFi.

If you’re currently improving your social media game, GoZone WiFi wants to help. Our Marketing4WiFi is designed to help turn your basic WiFi into a social media machine. Encourage social engagement and gather key social data with our Smart WiFi technology.

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