Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing: The Trinity of Business Success

Successful businesses, no matter the industry, no matter the size, look to the trinity of  sales, customer service, and marketing as their core for success. This is just as true for a small business. Instead of focusing on just one point in this triangle of success,  aim to master all three and take your growth to the next level.

You can ensure that your Sales/Marketing/Service Trinity is engaged during every moment of a customer’s visit. Below are a few tips to help you implement the trinity into every area of your business.

How the Trinity Works Together

It’s important to understand how sales, service, and marketing work in unison to create a strong business model. Marketing gets people interested in your business and encourages them to visit. Sales builds on the buzz  marketing makes by encouraging people to complete their journey and make a purchase. Customer service keeps the ship sailing smoothly for the customer — answering questions, soothing anxieties and resolving issues. All of the positives that come from excellent customer service can improve sales and play a role in your marketing efforts.

Larger businesses typically have specific departments to focus on one piece of the trinity. For a small business, however, it’s not uncommon to have a small team acting  in all three capacities throughout the day. This is why it’s so important to implement the trinity into your entire workforce.

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Re-Training Your Staff

The best start to implementing the trinity into your small business is to elevate your current staff’s proficiency in all three points. In a small business, most workers are already serving these three functions. Now it’s time to increase their proficiency in each role.

For example, if you own a restaurant, your servers should be adept employing the entire trinity during each customer visit. She acts as a member of sales by promoting popular dishes and your specials. If something goes wrong with the order, she can be the customer service representative who listens, acknowledges, apologizes and corrects the situation. Finally, when the visit is complete, your server can act as a marketer by sharing upcoming promotions and any other information to encourage a customer to return.

Even if your business has certain positions that don’t offer a lot of customer engagement, it’s still important for every worker to be trained in sales, marketing, and service in case that moment were to arise.This sort of format isn’t just for restaurants. Retail stores, coffee shops, bars, etc. can use a similar style for their workers to act out every point of the Sales/Marketing/Service triangle

Training New Hires

Once your current staff is well-trained in working in all three roles, your next goal should be to train new hires to work in it. One of the best ways to set up a new hire for success is to make them feel a part of a team. By encouraging them to engage in all three roles, new hires can become part of the team quickly and  relate to the rest of your workforce.

Using the Trinity Online

It’s common for a small business to use the internet as a marketing tool, but it’s also useful for promoting sales and offering customer service. As online shopping continues to grow, more and more brick-and-mortar stores and offering an online shopping experience for their customers.

Businesses in the food industry are promoting online sales through the use of delivery services. Retail stores offer certain items for sale through an online shopping page on their website. No matter the type of small business you have, you’ll want to find a way to promote sales for your business online.

Customer service is also a growing trend online through the use of social media platforms and other online tools. Most customers today can expect to have their comments and concerns answered by messaging a business’s Facebook page or using a live chat feature on the company’s website. If you don’t have the manpower to provide live online customer service, chatbots are a great tool for answering general questions an average customer may have and guiding them toward a purchase.

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Using the Trinity with WiFi

If you offer WiFi to your guests, you can implement the trinity into your basic WiFi by utilizing a Smart WiFi platform. GoZone’s Marketing4WiFi platform makes marketing easier by creating a branded log-in experience for your WiFi guests.

Our Ads4WiFi platform generates a live landing page on guests’ devices that can hold multiple ads. These ads can promote specific products and encourage guests to make additional purchases at your business.

With our Analytics4WiFi platform, you can better understand the foot traffic and other behaviors of your guests to improve your business operations and provide top notch customer service.

If you’re ready to build a strong trinity of sales, marketing and service, , GoZone WiFi can help. Contact us today to see our platforms in action and let us show you how Smart WiFi helps to grow your small business.

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