How to Upgrade Your Hotel WiFi Marketing

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The hotel industry was quick to adopt guest WiFi, with good reason. According to a Samsung Insights Report,guests will try to access free WiFi within seven minutes of entering your property. Transforming basic guest WiFi into a WiFi marketing platform was the next step. Now, it’s time to make sure you’re getting the full return on investment from your WiFi marketing solution.

Engaging with your WiFi guests is always a positive; but just how exactly you perform these interactions is what truly sets you apart from the crowd.

Create Optimal WiFi Speeds

One of the most common WiFi gripes from guests is a weak WiFi connection. If you know that the reason for your slow WiFi is due to improper router settings, look at adjusting your network settings from your Wifi marketing platform. A good WiFi marketing provider will have taken the time to pre-configure the software to work in conjunction with your hardware that you use for your internet service.

If your WiFi marketing provider has performed this configuration, you should be able to adjust the upload speeds, download speeds, and automated time-outs of your network right from your WiFi marketing platform. This sort of tool can save you time and the headache of having to adjust network settings through your internet provider.

Adequate WiFi speed is now expected by hotel guests. If your WiFi connection is not up to snuff with your competitor down the road, what’s to stop you from losing potential customers to the other guys? This is particularly true for business travelers, who rely on your WiFi to stay connected and deliver work while they are away.

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Provide Specified Access Points

If your hotel provides multiple amenities throughout the location, but you only have one listed WiFi access point for the entire property, you’re missing out an important marketing opportunity. You want your guests to know about all of the other luxuries that they can partake in. What better way to bring awareness of these niceties than through individual WiFi access points? One of the first things a guest will do after arrival is to connect to your WiFi network. If you have your pool, bar, gym and other amenities listed with its own access ID to the WiFi, you can rest assured that a majority of your guests will learn about them.

Having multiple access points that are all configured to provide optimal WiFi connectivity is also great for encouraging guests to share their experience online. From poolside selfies to pictures of an expertly made craft cocktail at the bar, offering a seamless WiFi experience with a strong access point infrastructure across your amenities gives guests multiple reasons to enjoy their stay … and rebook with you again.

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Create Unique Marketing for Different Guests

Email and SMS marketing are important for generating extra revenue for your hotel, but how you craft your marketing campaigns is just as vital. You need to grab the attention of your recipients, more important, you need to keep it beyond the subject line.

Multiple access points throughout your location once again offer a valuable marketing opportunity. As guests visit and connect to the different WiFi access points of your property, you can include a specified marketing campaign that revolves around the specific area that a guest is visiting. Want to generate more guests to visit your bar? Create a coupon campaign offering a free/discounted drink that goes out to those who connect to your poolside access point. Who doesn’t enjoy a mixed cocktail while soaking in the sun?

Reward hotel gym users guest with an offer for a free protein bar they can redeem from the lobby/gift shop. Advertise discount rates for business travelers with a marketing campaign that goes out to those who regularly connect to the access point of your lobby/business area.

By engaging with your guests in a way that is based on how they interact with your hotel, you can better encourage first-time guests to become repeat customers.

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