Why You Need Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

We all know how important social media marketing is for the big businesses out there; but what about the small to medium-size business owners? Where do they stand with using social media as a resource to market their businesses? According to a survey performed by Clutch, about 70% of small businesses are now using some form of social media to help grow their business. If you are a small to medium size business owner that falls in that small percentile of not using social media as part of your business strategies, here are three reasons to reconsider.

A Plethora of Potential Customers

According to Hootsuite, there are approximately 3.196 billion people using social media. That’s a number too great to ignore. You need to be on social media, but which platforms? According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 79% of American internet users are on Facebook, making a Facebook Business Page an obvious first choice.

Having social media pages for your business allows you to advertise and promote your company outside of the physical space. A study performed by G/O Digital found that 62% of social media users will check a business’s Facebook Page to learn about the company. Just by having a well-crafted Facebook, you will draw in attention from a bevy of users that can ultimately lead to bringing in new customers for your business.

Low Maintenance & Low Cost

Having to spend numerous hours a day managing all your social media accounts is a hassle of the past. As little as 6 hours a week spent on social media marketing can still generate online exposure for your business.

Social media management systems like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social, allow you to manage and post to multiple social media pages all from one account. With a social media management system, you can schedule social media posts days or even weeks ahead of time all in a matter of minutes. This allows you to take part in social media marketing while not having to forego the regular schedule of your daily operations. Just remember that social media is “social.” Don’t set it and forget it; check in and respond to customer comments.

How much you spend on social media marketing is also completely up to you. These days, virtually all of the major social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) offer a paid ads platform that is both simple to use and cost-effective on almost any budget. A report by Adobe’s State of Digital Advertising shows that 42% of Millennials believe that social media is the best place to view advertisements. Before starting an ads campaign, it’s important to take some time to find what social media outlet is most popular for your business. By finding out which social media platform generates the most organic views/likes of your business page, you can then take the next step into using paid social media ads to help drive even greater social media exposure and engagement from that specific platform.

Guest WiFi + Social Media

If you currently offer free WiFi to your guests and have started using social media for your business, you have the potential to greatly increase social media traffic and engage with your customers.

  • According to Wordstream, 91% of social media users use their cell phone to access social media outlets.
  • A study by small business trends shows that around 62% of customers will spend more time at a business that offers free WiFi.

Pairing your social media accounts with a WiFi Marketing Platform encourages WiFi guests to like and follow your business’s Facebook page when they connect to your WiFi network. Guest WiFi brings in more customers and keeps them around longer, while the social media access acts as the customer engagement that helps strengthen your branding and ultimately, increase revenue.

Grow Your Social Media Presence with Smart WiFi

With GoZone WiFi’s Smart WiFi Solutions, you can start building your social media presence right from your guest WiFi. Whether you want to showcase your new social media account or need to grow followers on a current social media page, GoZone WiFi is here is to help. Our Marketingg4WiFi Platform allows guests to sign into your WiFi network form a variety of social media options. Encourage and increase Facebook likes and follows without the need for paid advertisements and clicks. Contact us today to learn more.





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