Salon & Spa Advertising via GoZone WiFi

Salon and Spa Advertising Using GoZone

Advertisement is essential in any business. You want people to remember you and be encouraged to return. GoZone WiFi is making advertising easier than ever. It’s convenient, safe, and effective. They’ll help you engage with your customers, and keep them coming back.

GoZone is perfect for all your salon and spa advertising desires. As your customers log in to your WiFi, they’ll view your logo and customized message on the log in screen. You can also ask them to “like” your Facebook page. GoZone will then save their guest profile to your dashboard. With that information you’ll be able to email them newsletters, coupons, and remind them about any promotional deals you may have going on.

Customers are more likely to return if they’re reminded about you via email.

You’ll also be able to see which customers return regularly, along with those who haven’t been back in a while. If someone hasn’t been back, you can send them a coupon to recapture their attention, and encourage them to book an appointment. You can also reward loyal customers with special offers to keep them satisfied. Who wouldn’t love half off a massage or hair dye?

Promoting yourself to customers with coupons, or newsletters, is a great way to keep them interested. It’ll encourage them to return to your spa, or salon, for their massage and hair care needs. GoZone WiFi gives you the perfect opportunity to promote yourself in a way that’s safe, both for you, and your customers. GoZone values safety and provides you with network security.

GoZone is great for your social media presence. Using it increases the likelihood that your customers will like your Facebook page and check in at your location. Use GoZone to stay in touch with your customers through social media, as well as sending emails and coupons.

Whether you’re offering coupons for facials, reminding customers of current specials, or sending “we miss you” emails, you’ll love promoting your business through GoZone WiFi. They are there to help you make the most of your advertisements. Your customers will love having free WiFi, and you’ll love having GoZone.

If you want to start using WiFi to advertise to customers in creative and fun ways, contact us today!

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