Social WiFi: The Smart Choice for Your Events

Social WiFi: The Smart Choice for Your Events featured image

Does your business sponsor or promote events? Do you offer free WiFi? These days, customers usually expect to find it in many public areas. Most businesses usually get nothing in return for offering free WiFi, but now you have plenty to gain! With GoZone Social WiFi, you can:

  • display ads and coupons
  • create an email contact list
  • gain social media followers
  • encourage customer loyalty

During the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, global Twitter and Facebook use skyrocketed, from Michael Phelps face memes to news stories, medal counts, and photo uploads.

Given their popularity here, just imagine the advertising and social media opportunities available to your business when you offer GoZone WiFi!

Just a few examples of the events and venues that benefit from free WiFi availability:

  1. Golf tournaments
  2. Boat shows
  3. Trade shows
  4. Sports arenas and stadiums

People often tag their friends and tweet live during conferences and other events They also check in and post photos, so you have even wider access to potential customers who can spread the word about your brand. Furthermore, you can use surveys to allow people to give specific feedback about your services or venue.

When people log in with their social media accounts, you then have a ready-made email list for sending announcements and special offers. You’ll have even more social media followers when you encourage them to “like” your Facebook page and to follow you on Twitter. They don’t have to worry about submitting personal information over insecure networks. Our Smart WiFi ensures their protection and gives them the peace of mind that a regular free WiFi account could not.