Tour and Transportation Marketing in Culinary Tourism

Tour and Transportation Marketing in Culinary Tourism featured image

To us, the benefits of tour and transportation marketing are obvious. But then they should be; it’s our business. So we’ll take a moment or two to explain just how this product can benefit you.

A simple fact of the modern world is our reliance on our phones, both personally and professionally. But we expect our phones to do so much more than simply send and receive calls, but double or triple as planners, video meeting devices, spreadsheet managers, upload and download files, take a few pictures, or watch a few relaxing cat videos, and so much more. Yet, the mobile data infrastructure has yet to adequately catch up to this demand.

Frankly, readily available access to our digital lives is often the deciding point on how we want to get where we’re going. Consider, for example, the trend of culinary tourism, wherein people travel from location to location to sample the local flavors.

Whether you have a bus, a car, or even a pedicab, the people who board your vehicle to try out Shrimp Fest will want to show the world the night they are having, and they’ll do it with your connection, your brand, your logo as you shuttle them from place to place. Once established, with that connection, you can send them reminders and deals keeping your brand fresh in their mind and associated with what might be one of the best nights of their lives.

And that’s just one small example. To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.