Why Using a WiFi Password for Guest WiFi is Outdated

For years, the best practice for protecting your business WiFI from unwanted users was a password. Even guest WiFi networks were password-protected to block non-customers from accessing the web on the company’s dime. Times and technology have changed, and so have your customers’ expectations when it comes to WiFi. Below are the top three reasons why password-protected WiFi is outdated and what you can do to bring your free guest WiFi into the modern age.

WiFi Passwords Don’t Always Keep You Secure

You use a WiFi password because of the general concept that it keeps your network safe and secure. However, that could not be farther from the truth. Password-protected WiFi is useful for keeping out unwanted users from initially getting into your network, but after handing out your password to a guest, your network is free game.

Check out this great piece explaining how giving out your WiFi password is the equivalent to giving guests the keys to your store.

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To truly keep your WiFi secure while guests use your network, consider using a social WiFi platform. More specifically, look at implementing a platform that keeps your back-house network secure by creating a separate hotspot to be used by your guests.

Whatever social WiFi platform you use, make sure it also keeps your WiFi guests protected from one another by isolating devices that sign-in to your guest hotspot. This extra layer of security can help prevent unwanted users from attempting to hack into other WiFi devices, thus adding security to all aspects of your guest WiFi use.

WiFi Passwords Waste Staff Time

Time is money, so if your brick-and-mortar staff is running around the store providing the WiFi password to guests, you’re losing money.

This is especially true for restaurants and eateries that provide password-protected WiFi. Waiting tables requires serving staff to spend every second ensuring that guests are enjoying their dining experience. If your staff is running to the back office and back to their tables to give out a password, other needs for your guests could be placed on the wayside. Stop having your staff worry about handing out a password and start looking for a way guests can easily access your network.

A social WiFi platform not only provides extra security for your WiFi network, but it also allows your WiFi guests to easily access the network through what is called a captive portal system. A captive portal is an initial sign-in page that appears on a guest’s device before they can access your WiFi. Once WiFi users sign in by through their social media, email, or phone number, they can begin using your WiFi in seconds.

Basic Password-Protected WiFi Doesn’t Interact With Guests

You started providing guest WiFi to help encourage more customers to shop at your establishment. You spent time and money to set up your network … but you’re not exactly sure how many more customers guest WiFi has generated. Worse, your basic guest WiFi provides guests with the ability to connect to the web but doesn’t do much else. If your customers are more than willing to interact with your WiFi network, why not upgrade your WiFi so that it interacts back with them?

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Using a social WiFi platform is also key to interacting with your WiFi guests. An intuitive social WiFi will redirect guests to a website page of your choosing after they have signed in and can encourage guests to like and follow your social media accounts. You can launch email marketing campaigns through social WiFi to send out personalized and informative messages to keep your guests coming back.

Are you tired of using a password to keep your WiFi secure? Do you wish that your guest WiFi was simpler to access without having to lose necessary security? GoZone WiFi is here to help. Our Smart WiFi platform helps you do away with the age-old WiFi password while still helping to keep both you and your WiFi guests safe and secure. Our platform also allows you to start engaging more with your guests — by providing a branded captive portal page as well as marketing capabilities all through your guest WiFi.

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Smart WiFi Suite Enterprise Feature Matrix

  • Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure
    Scaleable platforms on the Amazon AWS cloud provides carrier-grade uptime.
  • Multi-Location Data Views
    An aggregated view of your data giving you visibility to all of your locations or drill-down to specific locations.
  • User Access Control
    Allows your administrator to control and limit access, features and data visibility among users.
  • Advanced Captive Portal Engine
    A complete toolset to design and build dynamic captive portals, guest flows and custom privacy controls. Includes our Touchless Menu features.
  • Guest Forms, Vouchers and Payments
    Collect guest data, surveys, on-line or offline payments and offer different access levels.
  • Customized login methods
    Choose how guests are able to access your network including social login, emails and SMS login, advertisements or a combination.
  • Data Export
    Full guest profile export to CSV allowing you to use collected data in third party systems.
  • Detailed Location Data Analytics
    Analyse detailed information about your locations like busy days, busy times and location comparisons.
  • Demographics and Device Information
    Make informed decisions based on detailed demographics and perform location comparisons.
  • Data Sync to other systems/API
    Save time populating other systems as guest profile data can be sent to external systems on timed intervals.
  • Triggered Campaigns
    Engage with your guests without the manual work by creating personalized email, SMS or Twitter campaigns.
  • Coupons and Loyalty
    Increase spend and promote repeat visits by creating incentives for guests or their friends to come back.
  • Import external data
    Bring in contact data from other systems to consolidate your marketing efforts into a single comprehensive platform.
  • Contact segmenting and lists
    Build contact groups to send personalized messages to your guests based on automatic segmentation and your own critera.
  • Scheduled Campaigns
    Communicate with your contacts to drive awareness through email, SMS or Twitter.
  • Traffic Counts and Statistics
    Monitor your venue and events with real-time and recorded traffic counts and patterning.
  • Heatmapping and Traffic Flows
    Visualize crowd density and how people flow in, out and through your venue to see where people congegrate.
  • Alerting and Reporting
    Create automated alerts to help control crowds or to monitor abnormal trends.
  • Intelligent Landing Page Builder
    Simple to create pages that support multiple campaign types and can easily be modified and re-purposed for other venues or events.
  • Campaign Management Tools
    Offer your advertisers options to suit their advertising needs such as A/B testing, ad weights, flexible scheduling and more.
  • Reporting and Attribution
    Analyse detailed information about the campaigns and creatives to get the best campaign targeting.

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Custom Splash Page Builder

A custom splash page helps give a captive portal the branded look it needs to stand out from the crowd and give guests the peace of mind they’re accessing the network associated with the venue they’re visiting.

WiFi Payments and Vouchers

Offer premium guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with comprehensive payment and voucher modules. Payments can be used to offer guests varying speeds of WiFi access, while vouchers are great for venues that want to utilize a captive portal that also requires a voucher code for WiFi access.
WiFi payments and vouchers

Guest Plans

Venues can now offer multiple levels of guest WiFi access with our Guest Plan feature. Guest Plans are defined by specific upload and download speeds and session time limits. Brick-and-mortar businesses can offer guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with our new payment and voucher modules.

Versatile Form Builder

Create and display custom guest surveys on any splash page of your guest flow. Collect feedback and gather additional data points to create smarter marketing.

Enhanced Guest Flow

Guest flow gives venues complete control over the guest WiFi experience. Guest flows help keep a visually pleasing captive portal experience by preventing clutter of multiple marketing assets. Keep it simple, or turn your WiFi into a digital billboard.
WiFi splash page with survey social login

Integrated Ad Spaces

Ad Space Integrations is a powerful feature for venues who want to promote products, deals and specials, online shopping, loyalty programs and other signups, or third-party advertisers all on a pre-authenticated Splash Page.

Increase impressions and clicks for advertising opportunities by showcasing AdSpaces before requiring a guest to connect to WiFi.

Have an app that needs more downloads? The URL redirect function will navigate guests to the app store specific to their device as soon as they click on the advertisement/call-to-action button.

No more will guests have to wait to connect to WiFi to reach interactive ads. Ad Space Integrations takes Ads4WiFi smart advertising tools and places it our smart marketing environment powered by Marketing4WiFi.

Hotspot Scheduler

Determine the specific days and times that WiFi is available to guests. Hotspot Scheduler offers smarter WiFi control by allowing venues to run their guest WiFi during business hours.