How WiFi Analytics Changes the Way You Approach and Nurture Customers

How WiFi Analytics Changes the Way You Approach and Nurture Customers featured image

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you already know WiFi analytics can improve the operational side of a brick-and-mortar business. If this is your first time here, check out this link to see what we’re talking about. WiFi analytics can also improve the way you engage with your guests.  Improving the ways you approach and nurture both potential and current customers are two basics rules to growing any business. WiFi analytics has the tools to show you how to improve in those areas.

WiFi Analytics – A Brief Review

WiFi analytics is a platform that provides customer insights through the WiFi service provided to your guests. These insights include specifics such as

  • traffic patterns
  • dwell times
  • and new vs. repeat guests.

All of this sounds fancy, but to realize the true value in these insights, we need to see the data in action regarding customer engagement. Knowing how to use analytic data to bring in new customers and create loyal ones is how you’ll get the most out of WiFi analytics.

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Traffic Patterns

WiFi analytics works by tracking the MAC address of a guest device (Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.). As a guest navigates around your property, the platform gains insights on the foot traffic of your business. A platform with heat-mapping technology will even show you a visual layout of your store and where your guests are more likely to travel. Sounds pretty high tech, right?

But how do you use the data to improve your customer engagement? Here’s how.

Knowing where your guests are most likely to travel in your store is a great way to improve in-store signage placement. Oh, and if you don’t use store signage, you’ll want to start. For retail spaces, if you realize a high-traffic spot in your store doesn’t have physical advertising for a deal or special offer, you can move your signage to that spot where more eyes will see it.

A car dealership that understands its foot traffic can begin placing their best selling cars in spots where guests are most likely to navigate through. Or on the flip side, they can move cars that aren’t getting a lot of exposure into spots where more eyes will now be seeing them.

Dwell Times

Now you know  how long your average guest is staying at your location —  awesome! Next step: How can this data be used in terms of customer engagement? If you’re a retail space or shopping center and your guests are only visiting for a few minutes, you have a problem. The longer a guest spends at a location, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If your dwell times aren’t where they need to be, it’s time to make some changes. To increase dwell times, utilize strategies that are similar to those used .

  • Start getting more personal in your marketing efforts.
  • Let your guests know that you appreciate their patronage, even if they didn’t make a purchase their last visit.
  • Offer  incentives and promotions that not only bring people back to your store but keep them there longer. Coupons, loyalty programs and in-store promotions are useful tools for increasing your dwell times.

You can even use your guest WiFi as marketing platform to pair with your WiFi analytics platform.

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New Vs. Returning Guests

WiFi analytics can tell you what amount of guests are new versus returning based on its device tracking capabilities. Why is this important? Because repeat customers, on average, spend more than first-time customers. Obviously, you can’t create a repeat customer without them first being a new customer. However, if the analytic data shows the majority of your guests are first-timers, you’ll want to change the way you both approach and nurture your customers.

For your first-time guests, you’ll want to create marketing efforts that encourage them to become come back. Proximity marketing is a modern marketing tactic that allows you to run advertising/marketing campaigns that are sent to specific groups that visit your location. A ‘thanks for visiting’ email that promotes your loyalty program (provided you have one) is a good start to encouraging a first-time shopper into becoming a repeat guest.

On the flip side, if the majority of your guests are repeat customers, it’s important that you are consistently nurturing and rewarding their patronage. A high-end WiFi marketing platform enables you to  send marketing emails based on trigger rules. As loyal customers continue to shop at your business and connect to your WiFi, you can reward them with marketing campaigns packed full with offers and coupons.

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