Satisfying Marketing Needs Through Smart WiFi

Marketing – it’s what breathes life into your business through brand promotion and audience engagement. Every business, no matter the size, no matter the industry, should have a list of marketing efforts to help sustain that vital branding and engagement. If you operate or own a business, there’s a strong possibility you haven’t gotten to check off every box in your marketing-effort list. There are multiple reasons why a business may put off certain marketing efforts, but sometimes all it takes is an outside source to help you reach your marketing goals. If you run a brick-and-mortar type business that offers free WiFi to guests, there’s a solution to help you take care of those neglected marketing efforts – WiFi marketing.

The Benefits of Offering Guest WiFi

Brand Promotion

You want your guests to engage with your brand at every possible turn. A smart WiFi marketing platform will create a branded experience for your guest when accessing your WiFi network and create a new stream of brand promotion your venue has been missing.

This branded login page can be used for even more than brand exposure. Promotional banners, personalized greetings, and product advertising can all be shared to your guests. The best part is you know guests will see your marketing materials because they will be shown on the devices used to access your WiFi.

Smart Tip: Use WiFi marketing as a tool to reach out to customers of surrounding businesses. Remember – WiFi doesn’t have walls! Take advantage of your neighbor’s captive audience by broadcasting promotional messages over your branded WiFi network, actively inviting local shoppers to pay you a visit.

Social Engagement

Social media is another great tool for keeping guests updated and engaged with your business in the digital space. The trick is increasing your social following so there are more eyes to view your content. Algorithms on organic reach for social posts can be difficult to predict. Smart WiFi marketing uses a captive portal feature to promote your social media pages to guests and increase social following.

Basic WiFi will require you to provide a password to guests for them to access your WiFi. Venues that offer WiFi with a captive portal tool create a new marketing opportunity for themselves. Innovative captive portal platforms provide the ability to encourage guests to like and follow a brand’s social media accounts.

As for your guests, liking and following your business through your WiFi is a great way to see your future posts on their social news feeds. Many brick-and-mortar venues utilize a Facebook page to share important information such as new products or services, hours of operations, events, and more.

Learn how American Social Increased Their Social Following Through WiFi Marketing

Email WiFi Marketing

If your email marketing efforts are in need of a boost or even need to be created from scratch, WiFi marketing has you covered. What makes email marketing through your WiFi so unique is that you are reaching out to people who have interacted with your business through the guest WiFi.

WiFi email marketing gives you the tools to engage with guests with specific email campaigns that cater to the specific actions performed by those guests. First time WiFi users can be greeted with a ‘welcome’ email that is full of helpful info and promotions regarding your business. Guests you make multiple WiFi connections in a given time frame can be sent an email that rewards them for their loyalty with a coupon or some type of deal. Have a guest who hasn’t connected to the WiFi in awhile? Hit them up with an email with content that encourages them to return back and promote customer loyalty

Do you currently offer guest WiFi? Are your marketing efforts in need of new life? With GoZone’s Marketing4WiFi platform, You get all the WiFi marketing benefits of brand promotion, social engagement, email marketing, and more! Our WiFi marketing platform helps you build upon your existing marketing efforts or even start new marketing strategies right from scratch. Reach out today to learn more about Marketing4WiFi and how we help you unlock the power of Smart WiFi

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